Sashimi Grade Seafood Box

Sashimi Grade Seafood Box

This week we are offering a Sashimi themed seafood box

  • 1 lb. Ahi Tuna Diced Poke
  • ~1 lb. Sashimi Grade Hiramasa (will consist of several 4-6 oz. fillets)
  • 1 lb. U10 Sashimi Grade Scallops

We can’t thank you all enough for supporting Royal Hawaiian in the past month. To show our appreciation, we are adding in a bag of frozen bay scallops on the half shell to each of the first 50 Sashimi boxes sold.

Ahi Poke Diced 
We are happy to offer sashimi-grade diced ahi tuna in this week’s Royal Seafood Box. This box contains handline caught Yellowfin tuna from the Philippines. Low in calories, and high in protein, our Yellowfin tuna is one of our most sustainable and delicious products! We take all the work of dicing this exceptionally fresh product into uniform cubes so that you can enjoy the perfect poke bowl – a splash of sesame seed oil, a bit of soy sauce (don’t overdo it), green onions, over rice and veggies.

This Hiramasa Kingfish is a high-quality sashimi-grade Yellowtail Kingfish that was raised under strict standards in the Spencer Gulf of South Australia. Hiramasa is a highly sought after for its high-fat content, firm texture, and clean flavor. This is truly a premium product that tastes best sashimi style with a touch of soy sauce wrapped around a small bed of sushi rice. 

U10 Scallops (Under 10 pieces per pound)
Royal Hawaiian Seafood ensures that you will be receiving the sweetest, most succulent scallop that you’ve ever had.  We promise that these scallops will sear and caramelize the way our professional chefs expect.  These naturally sticky scallops are so fresh they can also be safely used for raw sushi and sashimi dishes. Raised in the Atlantic’s cool northern waters, their flavor is strong, rich, but less intense than the Japanese Hokkaido scallop.

” At Royal Hawaiian our mission is to redefine quality seafood to mean Safe-Sustainable, Tested-Traceable. We believe quality seafood should not only be fresh and taste great, but be low in contaminants and harvested in an ecologically responsible way. “


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