Blue Ocean Hawaiian Kanpachi
Hawaiian Kanpachi
Blue Ocean Mariculture
This beautiful premier and highly sustainable Hawaiian Yellowtail is sourced directly from the Big Island of Hawaii through our partners at Blue Ocean Mariculture. Blue Ocean operates a fully integrated mariculture facility, optimizing the life cycle of Hawaiian Kanpachi from hatch to harvest. Production begins with fertilized eggs from local brood fish, meaning no capture pressure on wild fish populations.
Gullo Specialty Foods Spanish Octopus and Sepia
Spanish Octopus & Sepia
Gullo Specialty Foods
Gullo’s contracts with 17 individual fishing vessels who fish off the coast of Spain in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Their fishermen follow Spain’s strict octopus and cuttlefish fishing limitations in order to ensure the fishing stocks remain healthy and continue to thrive.
Akaroa King Salmon New Zealand
Akaroa King Salmon
Strand Foods
From the cold, clear waters of Southern New Zealand, comes Akaroa King Salmon. This small, family owned operation was started by a local farmer named Tom Bates, one of the pioneers of salmon farming in New Zealand.