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For over 30 years Royal Hawaiian has been working directly with fishermen and producers from all over the world.

”We must take sustainability seriously and protect the resources you depend on if you want to have a business that is sustainable for years to come."

– Jordan Bow | Founder and Owner of RHS

In the early 1980’s, Jordan Bow researched developing aquaculture programs in Hawaii. Enthused by his findings, Jordan began to market Hawaiian Blue prawn to fine dining establishments throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1985 Royal Hawaiian was born. It was not long until chefs were asking for a variety of seafood products from Hawaii and other South Pacific regions. Jordan soon had the RHS team sourcing many exotic products to match that growing demand. From its beginnings, RHS has supported local and regional sources by purchasing directly from fishermen and farmers. Royal Hawaiian has earned a reputation that is synonymous with high quality products and service. For over 30 years, Jordan has been inspired to work directly with fishermen and farmers from all over the world. RHS is committed to providing seafood that is safe, sustainable, traceable, and tested by an independent third party, while at the same time going beyond our own business to create positive change. The Royal Hawaiian sustainability program mission is to educate ourselves, the fishing community, and consumers.
PEI Mussels

Quality you can trust

Since 1985 Royal Hawaiian has teamed up with some of the greatest Bay Area chefs, providing the highest quality, traceable, and sustainable seafood possible. Our success is driven by being able to support responsible fishermen and producers, leaving zero waste behind, and providing education and engaging with our community to promote sustainability.

Retail Pick-Up Schedule         

Tuesday: 10am-2pm
Wednesday: 10am-2pm
Thursday: 10am-2pm
Friday: 10am-2pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm

Committed to Sustainability

Our goal for sustainability is to leave the ocean a healthier and more abundant environment for the next generation. We do this by participating in community based environmental programs, supporting Fishery Improvement Projects and carefully tracing each item to its source to ensure that it is truly cared for in a way that respects the product and the environment it was raised in.

New Wholesale Hours of Operation         

Monday: 6am-2pm (Effective May 3rd) 
Tuesday: 6am-2pm
Wednesday: 6am-2pm
Thursday: 6am-2pm
Friday: 6am-2pm
Saturday: 6am-2pm
No deliveries: Sunday
*Receiving Hours: 3am-11am

213 East Harris Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080

(415) 824-1177

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