Father’s Day Grill Box

Father's Day Grill Box

Fishing you a Happy Father’s Day!

Treat Dad to all his favorites with our special, limited Father’s Day grill box. The box includes everything Dad needs to feel like a reel grill master. 

  • Fresh Swordfish: 4 portions, 6 oz. each
  • Chilean Sea Bass: 2 portions, 8 oz. each
  • Fresh Kauai Shrimp: 1 lb., size 13/15
  • Lobster Tails: 2 pc., 4-5 oz.

Fresh Swordfish:
Our Sword comes from Hawaii and passes through Honolulu’s fish auction which is overseen by Jordan Bow’s (President of Royal Hawaiian Seafood) Nelson Abriella (GM of Honolulu Fish Auction). Swordfish is known as the “steak of the sea,” has a mildly sweet flavor and a moderate fat content. We advise not to overcook it, but because you are using premium quality sword, it better maintains its moistness and texture when cooking. 

Chilean Seabass (Frozen, Premium Product):
By far, the largest sustainability concern for Chilean Sea Bass is traceability. To ensure the end consumer that Chilean Sea Bass is caught from a responsibly managed fishery, all of RHS’ Chilean Sea Bass are from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified. These frozen portions are premium product and its high fat content keeps it moist while cooking and allows for that melt-in-your mouth texture. 

Fresh Kauai Shrimp (head-on):
These Kauai shrimp are incredibly sweet and juicy. The secret to these eco-friendly grown shrimp lies within the quality of water. The water is sourced from our suppliers hatchery and farm from wells that penetrate a saltwater aquafer 500 feet deep into the center of the island. The resulting water is high in salinity, bacteria free and gives their shrimps its sweet flavor. 

Lobster Tails (Frozen, Premium Product):
This product will be sold frozen (not refreshed and not thawed because they thaw pretty quick)

These lobster tails are fresh caught from the east coast, frozen, and then shipped over to our side of the country. They go great on the grill with some light seasoning and butter. These lobster tails are a great way to say thank to all those grill master dads out there on this special day – and are the perfect choice to top this box off. 

” At Royal Hawaiian our mission is to redefine quality seafood to mean Safe-Sustainable, Tested-Traceable. We believe quality seafood should not only be fresh and taste great, but be low in contaminants and harvested in an ecologically responsible way. “


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