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Sushi-Grade and Ready to Eat Tentacles
100% yield, wild-caught, sushi-grade, 100% natural, tenderized with sea salt & ice water then tumbled.

These are pre-cooked octopus legs. Just thaw and eat. Toss them on the grill, sear in a pan, or cut up for a salad. Perfectly cooked octopus all the time!

Tenderized Whole Octopus
Tenderization is a method using sea salt, ice water and tumbler. It's an all-natural process where no additives or chemicals are ever used. This process breaks down the muscles of the octopus and gives us what is called "flower octopus." Flower octopus is a beautifully round & curled in the shape of a flower. Our octopus can be stored at 0 degrees and will last up to two years.

Furthermore, it can be thawed and re-frozen without losing any of its succulent flavors. Freezing further tenderizes the octopus. Our products are flash-frozen on-vessel. This process provides a high-yield, significantly higher than non-tenderized products. Non-tenderized octopus yields between35+50%, whereas the Gullo's tenderized/tumbled octopus yield between 65+85%, depending on the size.

Traceable and Sustainable
Gullo Octopus are caught in zones 34 and 37 off the coast of Spain in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea using Traps and Pots that result in nearly zero by-catch.


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