Hiramasa, Frozen Australia

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Hiramasa, also known as Yellowtail Kingfish (Amberjack)has pale pink flesh with firm, large flakes and a sweet, rich, buttery flavor. This Hiramasa is previously frozen and comes filleted with the skin off and bones out. It is farmed raised in Australia and is the perfect product for sashimi! 

This item is sold by the package and charged by the pound, 4 pounds = 1 package. Each package contains a fillet size between 3.5-4.5 pounds. Any weight adjustment costs will be reflected in the finalized invoice.

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Hiramasa (Seriola Lalandi), Yellowtail Kingfish, Amberjack 

Buttery texture and bright mild flavor 

Perfect for sashimi, sushi, and crudoHiramasa has a pale pink flesh with firm, large flakes and a sweet, rich, buttery flavor. This Hiramasa is previously frozen and comes in filleted with the skin on and bones out. Compared to KanpachiHiramasa has a softer texture and richer flavor due to the higher fat content.  


Hiramasa is a sustainable alternative to the well-known fish Hamachi. Hamachi, a fish popular for sashimifaces problems of overfishing especially amongst the juvenile fish population. This fish was farmed in South Australia’s Spencer Gulf where there is nothing between the prestine waters of Antarctic and the Kingfish. 

Our Mission.
As a 100% transparent and sustainable seafood supplier, Royal Hawaiian was one of the first seafood processors in the country to collaborate with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program to ensure that we only sell products from fisheries that are responsibly harvested or aqua-cultured.

Hiramasa, Frozen Australia
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