Crab, Fresh Softshell, Maryland

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Primes Average Size: 4.5-5″

Hotel Average Size: 4-4.5″

This seasonal product is quite the treat! We source these blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland where our supplier carefully picks out the molting crabs and ships them to us alive. During this time the crabs are in their most volatile stage in life as they are growing out of their hard shell and what’s underneath is their new underdeveloped softshell, giving them the softshell title. These crabs are so fresh that some may still be alive! Clean and fry these crabs for the perfect southern-inspired dish.  

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Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus), Softshell Crab, Chesapeake Blue Crab  

Softshell crabs only come around during select times of the year, as they only molt during the summer months. They have a rich, buttery sweetness and tender, flaky meat. We recommend cleaning the crab before cooking them by cutting off the face and removing the gills and apron underneath the crab. Once the crab is cleaned, the entire product is edible including the softshell.  

So fresh they may still be alive!  

These soft-shell crabs come to us directly from the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland where our supplier does an excellent job of harvesting and processing these crabs. Fisher people first catch the crabs using pots and traps once the crabs begin to molt, they are quickly pulled out of the water and sent to us within 24 hours.  Since the crabs are in their most fragile stage in life after the 6-hour journey across the country many of them die but are still incredibly fresh and delicious. These crabs received a  


Blue crabs caught in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay with pots received a ‘Good Alternative’ by the Monterey Seafood Watch Program. The project the stock is healthy and management are well regulated but there are concerns about the catch of diamondback terrapins (turtles) which are considered endangered.

Our Mission.   

As a 100% transparent and sustainable seafood supplier, Royal Hawaiian was one of the first seafood processors in the country to collaborate with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program to ensure that we only sell products from fisheries that are responsibly harvested or aquacultured. 

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