Albacore Tuna, West Coast

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Wild, Fresh, Sold by the Pound (Fillet, Skin-off, Bloodline In)

Albacore is one of the smallest members of the tuna family. The raw fillets are soft and fall apart easily in large flakes but firm up upon cooking. Due to its mild, buttery, fatty flavor, albacore is a perfect and unique product for sashimi!

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Albacore (Thunnus alalunga), White Tuna, Longfin Tuna 

Known as Shiro Maguro in Japan, this fish is popular in Japanese restaurants due to its soft, buttery texture and mild flavor. Albacore differs from yellowfin and big-eye tuna because of its white flesh. People often think of albacore as the product used for canned tuna but eaten as sashimi this fish is incredible!

Catch Method & Location

Local fisher people use trolling lines to catch this albacore. This fish lives in warmer climates,  if the Albacore were to continue with their migration and growth patterns they would end up in Hawaii where they are then called Tombo Ahi. Albacore caught on the West Coast by trolling lines received a ‘Best Choice’ by the Monterey Seafood Watch program.

Our Mission.
As a 100% transparent and sustainable seafood supplier, Royal Hawaiian was one of the first seafood processors in the country to collaborate with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program to ensure that we only sell products from fisheries that are responsibly harvested or aquacultured.


Albacore Tuna, West Coast
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