Product Update for May 13, 2020


We prioritize sustainability - all of our products are listed with their sustainability ranking and country or state of origin.



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Fin Fish

  • Hand-line Ahi Tuna - PI
  • Icelandic Farmed Salmon - Iceland
  • Rockfish, Yellowtail- Oregon
  • Farmed Sturgeon - CA
  • Farmed Mt. Lassen Trout - CA
  • Farmed Artic Char - WA
  • Farmed Catfish fillets - LA
  • Farmed Branzino - Turkey
  • Frozen J-Cut Black Cod - AK


  • Penn Cove Mussels - WA
  • Salt Spring Mussels - BC
  • PEI Mussels- BC
  • Manila Clams - WA
  • Pasta Gem Clam- Florida
  • Marin Miyagi Oysters - CA
  • Marin Gem Oysters- CA
  • Kumamoto Gold Oysters - CA
  • Kusshi Oysters- BC
  • Fanny Bay Oysters - BC
  • Steamboat Oysters- WA
  • Shigoku Oysters - WA
  • Barcat Oysters - VA
  • Rochambeau Oysters- VA
  • Rappahannock Oysters - VA
  • Beau Soleil Oysters - New Brunswick
  • Live Farmed Red Abalones - Santa Cruz
  • Fresh & Frozen Kauai Shrimp - HI
  • Fresh Dungeness Crabmeat - Oregon


Fin Fish

  • Wild Alaskan Coho Salmon (frozen)
  • Black Cod- CA
  • Petrale Sole - Oregon
  • Swordfish - San Diego CA
  • North Pacific Halibut - BC Canada
  • Black Bass 2-4#s- MA
  • American Red Snapper- Gulf Mexico
  • Blue Nose Bass- NZ
  • Tai Snapper - NZ
  • Opah - HI
  • Tombo Tuna - HI
  • Farmed Kanpachi- HI
  • Fresh Salt Cod (skin on) - Canada


  • Royal Sweet Scallops- MA
  • Fresh 16/20 Gulf Shrimp- FL
  • Live Maine Lobsters
  • Lobster Tails, 5-6 oz- Canada
  • Frozen King Crab Legs - AK


  • Frozen Tenderized Octopus - Spain
  • Fresh Squid- CA


Fin Fish

  • Mahi Mahi - Ecuador
  • Huachinango Red Snapper- MX
  • Farmed Hiramasa- AUS
  • MSC Artic Halibut - Norway
  • MSC Certified Salt Cod - Norway
  • MSC Chilean Sea Bass - UK
  • MSC Haddock Fillets - Iceland
  • Dorade 1-1.25#s - Turkey
  • Anchovies in Oil - Turkey
  • Farmed Creative King Salmon- BC


  • Sepia Cuttlefish 9-12 oz. - Spain


  • Easy Peel Black Tiger Shrimp 2/4 -VN
  • Rock Shrimp - MX
  • Fresh Uni 200 grams - Fort Bragg CA


Check in with us for substitutes and updates on when we'll restock

  • Local Halibut
  • Wild King Salmon
  • Corvina Bass
  • Yellowtail Jack
  • Hokkaido Scallops



MSC Certified East Coast Halibut

  • As Alaskan and North Pacific Halibut season is winding down, with about 1 weeks left in the season, we understand the need that many of you have a need to have halibut on the menu, all year round. Fortunate for us, there is wild East Coast Halibut that is in fact available all year round as long as the weather is suitable for fishing. This halibut is MSC Certified and caught via long-line in Canada. In comparing the two, the main difference is sizing whereas the east coast product are much larger. The fish that we currently have on hand are 10-50# per fish. Other than that, all of the visual and culinary characteristics are identical.

Local Halibut

  • After seeing the market being flooded with Local Hand Line and Trawl caught California Halibut in the past few weeks, no catches have been reported today, mainly due to it being that time of year where the fish is starting to be elusive. With the Local Dungeness Crab season about the start, many halibut fishermen are already starting to switch gears as well, so expect these local halibuts to be inconsistent in availability for the next few weeks. As always, please reach out to us for further information.

Local Live Dungeness Crabs

  • No official word as of yet when the Commercial Season is going to start for the beloved Live Local Dungeness Crabs. We will update everyone once we receive more information.

Rappahannock Oysters

  • Our partners over at Rappahannock Oyster Company in Virginia have always been able to provide us with consistently delicious oysters. They have a wide variety of oysters to suit all palates. Please reach out to us for immediate pricing, availability, and if needed, samples.

" At Royal Hawaiian our mission is to redefine quality seafood to mean Safe-Sustainable, Tested-Traceable. We believe quality seafood should not only be fresh and taste great, but be low in contaminants and harvested in an ecologically responsible way. "